Medical use

RemarsGel is a fundamentally new drug for tooth enamel remineralization. Enamel of the tooth is its protective shell. When enamel is destroyed or damaged, the tooth becomes susceptible to the development of diseases. It all begins with increased sensitivity and ends with tooth decay and its complications.
The use of RemarsGel guarantees 100% restoration of tooth enamel!



General indications for use

? Typical causes of tooth enamel damage

Over a lifetime, the enamel of our teeth is exposed to numerous negative impacts. Brushing not only leads to the removal of plaque but to enamel abrasion; poor diet and love for products that can have a mechanical effect on teeth result in cracks; consumption of carbonated drinks or red wine leads to tooth enamel erosion. Smoking also destroys enamel with high temperature. Not everyone can give up their addictions, but with RemarsGel everyone can protect their teeth from these negative effects.

? Ecology and stress in big cities

Residents of megacities and industrial centers experience particularly strong external impact on their tooth enamel. After all, teeth are the tissue that acquires composition and shade depending on the substances that surround us. Aggressive impurities in the air, food and water get into our bodies and sooner or later strike a devastating blow to our tooth enamel.
Do not forget that tooth enamel is very sensitive to stress which is a constant companion of modern urban life. Stress loads weaken the protection function of tooth enamel just as well as other defense mechanisms of the body, which is why tooth enamel needs effective protection.

? Travel and business trips

Today many people cannot imagine their life without traveling, extreme sports and unexpected trips when they have absolutely no time to visit the doctor for an examination. If you stay away from home often, RemarsGel will save you from a sudden oral cavity disease as you have absolutely no time to be sick. If you find a couple of minutes in the morning and evening to treat your teeth with this gel, you will become immune to many annoying and painful dental problems.

PS: According to studies, about half of patients experience emotional stress during their visit to dental clinics. This means that for them it would be preferable to have some kind of preventive treatment at home, without sitting in a dentist's chair, but at the same time this treatment should be quite effective and painless. RemarsGel solves these problems by preventing damage to tooth enamel and compensating for the deficiency of minerals. RemarsGel is so effective that one package is enough for one course of treatment.

Orthodontic treatment and whitening

RemarsGel is recommended for those who are going through or have recently undergone orthodontic treatment, correction of the dentition with braces, professional Air Flow cleaning and teeth whitening procedures of any type.
Professional whitening inevitably leads to the violation of enamel integrity and causes significant sensitivity and even sharp pain. Even two uses of RemarsGel almost completely eliminate tooth sensitivity after whitening!

For children in the period of permanent teeth development

Permanent teeth eruption is a necessary and very important stage in the life of every child. In this period parents should be especially concerned about the rapid development of caries of newly emerged teeth because tooth enamel is not yet thoroughly mineralized and is in a high risk zone. RemarsGel protects children’s teeth and promotes rapid mineralization.

Full list of medical uses

RemarsGel is recommended:
  • for treatment of dental caries at the spot stage;
  • in case of hard tissues erosion;
  • for rapid restoration of enamel during and after orthodontic treatment;
  • in case of hyperesthesia (increased sensitivity) of hard tissues after whitening;
  • in case of wedge-shaped defects of teeth;
  • to protect from periodontal plaques;
  • to stop the demineralization process;
  • to improve oral health in general.
For preventive measures against:
  • caries and its complications;
  • demineralization process;
  • hyperesthesia;
  • erosion;
  • gingival plaque formation.