Instructions for Use

The use of RemarsGel does not differ from the use of conventional toothpaste. Tooth brushing is done with washing movements from the gum to the edge of teeth (like regular toothpaste). The only difference is that it is necessary to use two tubes. Thanks to the convenient design of tubes that can be opened with a flick of the thumb, the procedure takes less than three minutes.


Main recommendations

(For the doctor’s prescription of a dental remotherapy course)

It is necessary necessary to use RemarsGel 1-2 times a day. Both therapy and treatment should be done daily. RemarsGel can be used both at home and for treatment at a dental clinic.

The course of tooth enamel restoration consists of 20-28 procedures. In case of visible tooth damage, RemarsGel should be used every day to restore tooth enamel, and then 1-2 times a week to secure the effect.

10-14 procedures are quite enough for preventive treatment. It is recommended to undergo preventive treatment with RemarsGel 3 times a year.

The only restrictions in the use of the complex are presence of traumatic lesions of the oral cavity and pronounced inflammatory processes.