Expert assessments

Eugeniy Volkov
"Pathological changes of hard dental tissues often begin with focal demineralization leading to dental caries and its complication as well as non-carious lesions accompanied by dentin exposure and hyperesthesia. Therefore, mineralization of enamel and dentin, removal of focal demineralization and dental hyperesthesia are a measure of prevention of severe pathological processes ...
The new generation of domestic dental materials and new methods of mineralizing treatment of the hard dental tissue pathology with the "BW" material (for clinical use – note by Gekom) and a set of the Remogel gels (currently RemarsGel - note by Gekom) were introduced into practical health care at the industry level (included in the State Register). "

Full text of the thesis by E. Volkov

Valletta Morozova:
"I widely use RemarsGel in my medical practice. When caries is at the spot stage, the process is reversible and the tooth can be saved without the use of invasive treatment. I recommend this product to all my patients. The medical course of using the RemarsGel complex consists of 20-28 procedures carried out daily by patients at home or performed 2-3 times a week at the clinic. The result of this treatment is restored and healthy tooth enamel. This is very valuable because there are not many products that can prevent the development of caries and stop it at early stages ".

Ashot Gordebelidze:
"Often before and after orthodontic treatment tooth enamel needs to be restored, i.e. it requires remineralization. Most commonly the problem needs to be solved quickly. In this case RemarsGel is simply irreplaceable. Also, this complex successfully stops almost any erosion of hard tissues and prevents tooth decay."

Dentist Hygienist
Olga Artamonov:
"After whitening or professional cleaning some of my patients experience hyperesthesia (hypersensitivity of dental hard tissues). I immediately recommend them a therapeutic course of RemarsGel. In addition, I recommend preventive therapy courses 2-3 times a year, for which 10-14 daily treatments are quite enough. Patients love this complex as it is very easy to use and does not take much time to use on your own."

Galina Popova:
"RemarsGel showed great results when applied in cases of early forms of catarrhal gingivitis and periodontitis. Gingival papillae become more solid, gums stop bleeding, and tooth sensitivity is reduced. Prolonged use of this toothpaste is a good way to prevent tooth decay. A year-long surveillance showed no signs of tooth decay."

Alla Yugova:
The toothpaste is a good cleaning agent that prevents periodontal plaque formation. In case of high sensitivity of tooth enamel RemarsGel brings very good results. Despite the low abrasiveness, RemarsGel is an excellent cleanser."

Consumer Reviews

Egor Nikishin director of an IT-department, 59 years old:
The developer of RemarsGel gave me this miracle as a New Year gift. For a long time I couldn’t bring myself to start using it. It seemed more difficult because of two tubes and having to clean teeth twice. Finally, I tried and got hooked up straight away. It is so simple! You get used to the complication of the teeth cleaning procedure very quickly! By the way, the taste of this "astronauts’ toothpaste" is very, very ... nice! Of course, I did not grow new teeth (developer did not promise this!), but local caries that had started to ripen noticeably slowed. You get used to good things quickly. I will continue using it, and I would recommend it to anyone!

Elena Mironova PC operator, 25 years old:
"RemarsGel helped me a lot, and I would like to share the results. I had deformation of enamel on the front incisors, more simply, for some reason enamel got off them, and, as a result, they were not only highly sensitive but also got stained the color of food which looked aesthetically unpleasant, and therefore they had to be cleaned frequently. The reason why the enamel was in this state remained unknown. Perhaps it was due to poor quality of water in the area where we lived. At first I tried different medications with calcium for strengthening tooth enamel, and then I went to the dentist and I was told that in such cases it was possible to put veneers on teeth (artificial outer plates on teeth) or undergo a course of tooth enamel remineralization.

Of course, the first option did not suit me, so I decided to try gels for remineralization. I was recommended RemarsGel because of its quality and good results it helped to achieve. I read reviews on the Internet and decided to buy it. However, it wasn’t for sale in Ukraine, so I bought a similar gel and used it for a month. Its price was about the same, but it did not bring the expected result: after a month tooth sensitivity slightly decreased and overall appearance improved. At that moment I was already considering going to the dentist to have veneers installed but then I found out that I could order RemarsGel from Moscow. I am very grateful to the managers who attended to my problem and sent me the gel.

I started using it and in a week I noticed that tooth sensitivity had not only declined but began to disappear altogether. And now I can brush my teeth not only with a "gentle" brush and special toothpaste for sensitive teeth as earlier, but with toothpaste designed for more powerful cleaning of plaque. In addition, I was surprised when I noticed that (first at the edges, and then in the middle) after using RemarsGel for more than a month tooth enamel started to recover gradually. It's just amazing! Such remarkable progress! I plan to keep using the gel so that the enamel is fully restored.

I would also like to note that RemarsGel is very easy to use. According to the instruction, I had to keep another company’ gel on my teeth for 15 minutes and I could neither eat nor drink for an hour after the procedure. This is very inconvenient, especially when you have to go somewhere, and you have to specifically make time twice a day to clean your teeth. With RemarsGel everything is different. It suffices to use it for a minute (!), and after that there are no restrictions. Both products are of the same price range, but a tube of another company’s gel ended in a month. RemarsGel also appeared to be budget-friendly: it lasts for 7-8 weeks. I am very happy with the result I already have. RemarsGel really restores damaged enamel and reduces tooth sensitivity. I would recommend it to anyone. "

Vladimir Yunov businessman, 63 years old:
"For years I had been suffering from increased tooth sensitivity: I could neither drink hot tea nor eat ice cream. Once my daughter brought RemarsGel and told me that it would certainly help me, and quickly. I am always cautious about new products, but in this case what did I have to lose? I started using it. Using the paste for 2 weeks eliminated sensitive areas, my gums stopped bleeding, teeth became whiter, and a pleasant and healthy feeling appeared in my mouth. Now I recommend RemarsGel to all my friends and acquaintances. It’s a Russian development, and of such a high quality! I feel so proud of its developers. Well done!"

Margarita Stepanova, student, 20 years old:
"Before I started testing RemarsGel, I had a professional cleaning done at a dental clinic, and then I was given the gel packed in a very stylish box and explained in detail how to use it. It should be said that the method of application is not complicated. RemarsGel is used 1-2 times a day, and it is quite possible to replace conventional toothpaste with it. At first I cleaned my teeth with a wet brush without toothpaste, rinsed my mouth with water and after that proceeded to use the gel. Despite the fact that the gel consists of two tubes (gel number 1 and gel number 2) to be used one after the other at each cleaning, the entire procedure takes no more than 2.5 minutes.

The result from the use of "RemarsGel" was not long in coming. A few days later tooth sensitivity significantly decreased, and teeth obviously became whiter and very smooth. It feels like they have been varnished. As RemarsGel includes natural aromatic oils of bergamot and mint, the drug treats mucous membranes of the mouth as well.""

Dmitry Sergeev, manager, 31 years old:
"I went to the dentist for tooth sensitivity and tooth decay problems. After treatment the doctor advised me to use RemarsGel for prevention of tooth decay and strengthening of tooth enamel. Doctor said that it is the best product for residents of big cities, as urban residents are particularly vulnerable to stress, nervous tension, bacterial attacks and negative effects of environmental pollution. The RemarsGel complex was created specifically for astronauts who experience high physical and mental overload. It is even included in space first aid kits as a professional tool for independent provision of first dental care. So when I started to use it I had this funny thought that I'd be like an astronaut (well, at least to an extent).

RemarsGel is quite easy to use. The only difference from conventional toothpaste is that it is necessary to use two tubes 1-2 times a day. The whole procedure takes about 5 minutes. In addition, RemarsGel has quite a pleasant taste. Bergamot oil and mint oil refresh gums well. The duration of treatment was 3 weeks. Not bad for such a result! Tooth sensitivity is gone, and there is a pleasant feeling in my mouth. It seems like my teeth have become smoother like after polishing. I will definitely use RemarsGel for prevention as well - it is quite burdensome, inexpensive and very effective. My niece recently had braces removed, and she was also advised RemarsGel for enamel restoration. I think this is right, let her be as healthy as an astronaut!"