Astronauts of “Mars – 500” and Sergey Kholodov

Astronauts of “Mars – 500” and Sergey Kholodov, developer of RemarGel complex.




Historical note:

Russian project “Mars- 500” is a part of Federal Space mission whereby there was conducted experiment of manned flight imitation to “The Red Planet”. Over these were simulated a set of conditions to such expedition. The experiment was provided by State Research Centre of the Russian Federation - Institute of Biomedical Problems under the aegis of ROSCOSMOS - Federal Space agency of the Russian Federation and of Russian Academy of Sciences.

Project goal: research of “human-environment” system and acquisition of experimental information about medical condition and working capacity of the crew. For a long period the crew was in hardened environment isolation inside plenum hermetic space. Such conditions were made for imitation key points of Martian mission (overlong, self-containment, changed communication conditions with the Earth – signal delay, resource limitation). 520-day pilot scheme was conducted from June, 2010 to November, 2011.

Wang Yue “Mars – 500”


Historical note:

Wang Yue was born in 1984 in Beijing. Mr.Yue is an astronaut, explorer and participant of project “Mars- 500”. Moreover he is an assistant of astronaut instructor specializing on adaptation trainings and shortlisting. Wang Yue has education in sphere of preventive medicine and physiology. He is a member of the second crew of Chinese astronaut prequalification.

Wang Yue appreciated for provided RemarsGel complex. He highly praised efficiency of the product and its uncanny ability to repair and safe enamel under extreme environmental conditions.

Georgi Grechko and Sergey Kholodov


Historical note:

Georgi Grechko  was born on the 25th of May, 1931 in Leningrad (USSR). He is a pilot astronaut (1975), Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences (1984), Instructor, First rank Astronaut-Test engineer (1978), double Hero of the Soviet Union (1975, 1978), Hero of Czechoslovak Socialist Republic.

Georgi was awarded by 3 Orders of Lenin (1975, 1978, 1985), Czechoslovak medal of Klement Gotvald, Indian medal of Kirti Chakra, “Medal of Merit in outer space exploration” (2011).

 He won The Goncourt laureate of Ukrainian SSR and The Goncourt laureate of the Estonian SSR. Mr.Grechko became honorary freeman of Kaluga, Angarsk (Russia), Zhezqazghan, Arkalyk (Kazakhstan), Prague (Czech Republic), Varna (Bulgaria) and etc.

Exposition in the Memorial museums of astronautics


Historical note:

On the 10th of April, 1981 to the twentieth anniversary of Flight of Jury Gagarin the Memorial Museum of Astronautics was dedicated. It was located inside the section of the Memorial called “To Conquerors of Space” which is one of the most famous monuments in Moscow. The idea of Museums foundation belonged to scientist S. Korolev. The museum threw its doors open to the public meetings with astronauts and constructors.

Valery Polyakov and Sergey Kholodov

Historical note:

Valery Polyakov was born on the 27th of April, 1942 in Tula. He is a pilot astronaut of the USSR (1989), Hero of the Soviet Union (1989), Hero of the Russian Federation (1995), Hero of Afghanistan (1988), Senior lieutenant of medical service, Doctor of Medical Science, Professor.

Valery is member of the crew since 1972, he took part in medical support of spaceflights. From 29/08/1988 to 27/04/1989 Valery took a flight on Mir Station, from 08.01.1994 to 22.03.1995 he took the second flight.

Since 1989 Valery Polyakov holds rank of Deputy Director of Institute of Biomedical Problems. He is honorary freeman Kaluga and Tula (Russia)