The ISS – a manned orbital station used as a multipurpose space research facility. The ISS is a multinational project, carried out by 15 countries (Belgium, Brazil, Germany, Denmark, Spain, Italy, Canada, Netherlands, Norway, Russia, the USA, France, Switzerland, Sweden and Japan). The ISS is controlled by the Russian and American sections, while the European Space Agency manages the lab modules.


Artemyev Oleg Germanovich (born on 28th of December, 1970, in Riga) - flight engineer of the "Soyuz TMA-12M" manned spacecraft and the ISS. In 1998 he graduated from the Bauman Moscow State Technical University with a degree in low temperature engeineering and physics and in 2009 - from the Russian Presidential Academy of Public Administration with a degree in personnel management. In May of 2003 he joined the RSC Energia cosmonaut squad and then received "test cosmonaut" qualification in 2005. From March to July of 2009 he took part in 105-day "Mars-500" experiment imitating a flight to Mars. His hobbies are tourism, underwater hunting, diving, mountain skiing and reading.


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