Mechanism of action

Daily formed plaque contains a huge amount of bacteria. By producing acid of different composition bacteria destroy tooth enamel as if dissolving calcium molecules contained in it and thereby deprive enamel of its protective properties. Compounds within the "RemarsGel" complex have the ability to gradually penetrate tooth enamel and replace the lost calcium. RemarsGel actually "repairs" enamel portions that have lost their strength, strengthens the enamel and helps to restore natural defenses of the tooth.

Calcium salts from the tube number 1 are mixed with ammonium salts from the tube number 2 in the process of cleaning teeth with RemarsGel. As a result, a safe chemical reaction on the surface of teeth forms Brushite crystals which are similar in composition to the main component of tooth enamel (hydroxyapatite crystal). Due to their small size, Brushite crystals penetrate deep into the tissue of the tooth, restore enamel damaged by caries, close micro cracks and quickly reduce tooth sensitivity (even after professional whitening).
Thanks to RemarsGel, the state of the entire oral cavity improves, including healing of tiny wounds and abrasions on mucous membranes. After a course of treatment with RemarsGel tooth enamel becomes smooth and shiny, and a feeling appears that the tooth surface also becomes smooth like after polishing.

The fundamental difference from similar products

There are a lot of medical drugs that reduce tooth sensitivity but they contain fluorine, and the drug itself remains only on the surface of the tooth for a short time without affecting the destructive processes in depth.
RemarsGel penetrates into the deeper layers of the tooth. The principal difference from similar products is that it affects the center of demineralization directly and condenses it by forming new mineral components in it. This helps to achieve the most important goal which is to prevent dental caries occurring with the destruction of tooth enamel.

The complex is absolutely nonabrasive and does not contain any large or solid particles thereby preventing abrasion of tooth enamel during cleaning. In addition, it does not include synthetic perfumes, only natural bergamot and menthol oils which refresh gums well.